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NovaBone® is a calcium phospho silicate composed of elements naturally occurring in the body. The technology platform has the proven ability to signal genetic pathways to accelerate natural bone growth. Within the field of orthopedics, NovaBone is indicated for use as an osseous defect filler capable of inducing new bone formation.

This unique technology is now available in a variety of formulations and delivery options – each developed based on surgeon preference and procedure type. NovaBone can be used alone with reliable results.

Features & Benefits

NovaBone Putty
NovaBone Putty

NovaBone Putty is a versatile bone graft substitute that is ready to use out of the package with exceptional handling characteristics that will save time and improve placement.

The specially formulated consistency means it can be packed into any size or shape void without sticking to surgical gloves. The binder resists migration during irrigation allowing the bioactive component to stay as placed.

EXCEPTIONAL Handling Characteristics

  • Highly malleable, easy to mold and pack into any defect
  • Stays at the surgical site, will not migrate during irrigation
  • Ready to use out of the package
  • Does not stick to surgical gloves
NovaBone Putty
Tissue Code Product Specifications
NB0602 2.5cc, NovaBone Putty
NB0605 5cc, NovaBone Putty
NB0610 10cc, NovaBone Putty

NovaBone Putty - Syringe Delivery
Tissue Code Product Specifications
NB2601 1cc, NovaBone Putty
NB2602 2.5cc, NovaBone Putty
NB2605 5cc, NovaBone Putty
NB2610 10cc, NovaBone Putty

NovaBone Morsels
NovaBone Morsels

OS-Si+ Morsels provide users with a bone graft substitute that signals and recruits bone forming cells while providing a matrix of open, interconnected pores for accelerated bone formation to occur.

NovaBone Morsels are designed as a continuous porous structure comparable to cancellous bone. The open structure allows for rapid vascularization and mineralization and permits complete device absorption and replacement by new bone.

OS-Si+ Morsels are available in a sealed cup or pre-loaded syringe with a Leur Lock attachment which allows for easy expression of blood directly to the morsels for improved handling characteristics during implantation.

NovaBone Morsels
Tissue Code Product Specifications
NB0805 5cc, 2-5mm, NovaBone Morsels
NB0810 10cc, 2-5mm, NovaBone Morsels
NB0815 15cc, 2-5mm, NovaBone Morsels
NB1805 5cc, 1-2mm, NovaBone Morsels
NB1810 10cc, 1-2mm, NovaBone Morsels
NB1815 15cc, 1-2mm, NovaBone Morsels

NovaBone Morsels - Syringe Delivery
Tissue Code Product Specifications
NB3810 10cc, 2-5mm, NovaBone Morsels
NB3815 15cc, 2-5mm, NovaBone Morsels
NB4810 10cc, 1-2mm, NovaBone Morsels
NB4815 15cc, 1-2mm, NovaBone Morsels

NovaBone MIS Cartridge Delivery System
NovaBone MIS

NovaBone MIS delivers the only synthetic graft that signals and recruits osteoprogenitor cells while controlling the cell cycle to favor proliferation and differentiation of cells that generate new bone. NovaBone demonstrated equivalent rates of bone growth when compared to autograft.

MIS Cartridge Delivery System

  • The NovaBone Putty MIS Cartridge Delivery System comes preloaded, and is available with multiple cartridges for  ease of use.
  • Flexible tip allows for graft placement in difficult to  reach areas.
  • Plunger marking for ease of monitoring dispensed volume.
  • Approved for use as stand-alone device in posterolateral spine.
Tissue Code Product Specifications
NB6610 MIS Cartridge System, 10cc
NB6600 MIS Cartridge Handle
NB6650 MIS Cartridge Refill, 5cc

NovaBone Strip Bone Graft
NovaBone Strip

NovaBone Strip Bone Graft is a sterile bone graft composed of purified fibrillar collagen and resorbable bioactive synthetic granules. The open structure allows for rapid vascularization and mineralization and permits complete device absorption and replacement by new bone.

Signals & Recruits Osteoprogenitor Cells

  • Compression resistant, formable and moldable  Osteostimulative Bone Graft.
  • Bioactive Synthetic Granules activating chemistry promotes bone formation and creates a highly Osteoconductive Matrix for new bone growth.
  • Type I Collagen provides sites for cell and protein binding.
  • Optimal composition and pore size designed to mimic  cancellous bone.
  • Hydrates rapidly in blood, saline or water.
  • Ability to visualize bone graft placement.
Tissue Code Product Specifications
NB2305 NovaBone Strip, 50mm x 25mm x 4mm
NB2310S NovaBone Strip, 50mm x 25mm x 4mm
NB2310L NovaBone Strip, 100mm x 25mm x 4mm
NB2320 NovaBone Strip, 100mm x 25mm x 8mm

NovaBone Macroform
NovaBone Macroform

MacroFORM™, NovaBone’s collagen bioactive glass scaffold, is engineered to have an open porous structure to facilitate the absorption of bone marrow aspirate.

Collagen Bioactive Glass Scaffold

  • Mixes with bone marrow to yield a porous scaffold that facilitates bone growth.
  • Collagen provides sites for cell and protein binding.
  • Moldable bioactive bone graft with  interconnected porosity.
  • Optimal pore size mimics cancellous bone for  accelerated healing.
  • Formable, robust texture to prevent migration  after implantation.
  • The amount of bioactive glass available in MacroForm  devices is greater than any other competitive product.
Tissue Code Product Specifications
NB0305 MarcroForm Bioactive Packable Graft, 5cc
NB0310 MarcroForm Bioactive Packable Graft, 10cc
NB0315 MarcroForm Bioactive Packable Graft, 15cc
NB0320 MarcroForm Bioactive Packable Graft, 20cc
NB4301 MarcroForm Bioactive Moldable Composite, 1cc
NB4302 MarcroForm Bioactive Moldable Composite, 2.5cc
NB4305 MarcroForm Bioactive Moldable Composite, 5cc
NB4310 MarcroForm Bioactive Moldable Composite, 10cc

NovaBone IRM
NovaBone IRM

The IRM™ series of NovaBone grafting material has been designed to optimize osteogenesis while providing exceptional handling properties, including irrigation resistance. No other bioactive bone graft offers osteogenic stimulation, angiogenic potential and proven clinical equivalence to autograft.

Highly Irrigation Resistant, Excellent Cohesion and Handling Properties

  • Equivalence to Autograft
  • Signal, Recruit and Control Cellular Activity
  • Angiogenic
  • Irrigation Resistant
Tissue Code Product Specifications
NP0601 IRM, 1cc
NP0602 IRM, 2.5cc
NP0605 IRM, 5cc
NP0610 IRM, 10cc

MarcroPor Si+
NovaBone Macropor si+
MacroPor Si+ is as a moldable continuous porous structure that can be fitted to the size and shape of the grafting site. The open structure allows for rapid vascularization and mineralization and permits complete device absorption and replacement by new bone.

Moldable Continous Porous Osteostimulative Bone Graft
  • Interconnected porosity for accelerated healing
  • Formable, robust texture, will not migrate
  • Ready to use out of package
Tissue Code Product Specifications
NB2501 1.6cc, 2-5mm Morsels
NB2502 2.6cc, 2-5mm Morsels
NB2505 5cc, 2-5mm Morsels
NB2508 8cc, 2-5mm Morsels
NB2510 10cc, 2-5mm Morsels
NB2515 15cc, 2-5mm Morsels


  • NovaBone Syringe Delivery Brochure

  • NovaBone Syringe Delivery

  • NovaBone Catalog

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